Alberto Benitez
4 min readOct 27, 2022


Ukraine’s war of independence is already defining the 21st century.

To understand it is to begin to understand the new world. Explaining it’s going to be difficult to the extent that this war of independence shatters the normal beliefs that many people have. The first that Russia is a great power.

To the extent that people are in love with their beliefs it will be difficult to explain the Ukrainian victory. Because at the same time that it is explained, the one who exposes it is going to have to crumble beliefs that people are in love with. So the historian is going to have to undo fallacies at the same time that he exposes and interprets facts.

Believing that Russia is a great world power is a stagnant belief in the worldview of the 20th century. A vision that is already old since 1989. But people prefer to chain themselves to their beliefs instead of understanding reality.

Russia is not a great military power. On paper, she should have defeated Ukraine in a month. It’s already been 8 months since Russia invaded Ukraine… And now the Ukrainians are pushing the Russians back and not only that: they can defeat them.

To cling to the belief that Russia is a great power, it is said that Russia is not fighting against Ukraine but against NATO. But that saying only further exposes the Russian fallacy: the Russian government knows that its enemy is NATO but it is being defeated by NATO. Why didn’t you prepare? Why didn’t he prepare to fight NATO when invading Ukraine, if that is supposed to be his enemy and the Russians have always known that NATO is the enemy? Or did Russia not know that NATO was its enemy? Then?

The historian of the Ukrainian war of independence is going to have to gather the evidence that it was not German or American soldiers who defeated the Russian soldiers. He is going to have to put in black and white how many were the Ukrainian citizens, men and women, who defeated the Russian army.

He will insist that NATO gave weapons and intelligence to the Ukrainians. But that only muddies the Russians more. If NATO arms and NATO intelligence services defeated their Russian rivals, what does that say about Russian arms and intelligence services?

That is where the fallacy could begin to fracture.

It is a fact that Russian intelligence at WWII was outstanding. It is a fact that the Russian agents and spies defeated the Nazis: they confused them, they deceived them, they dominated them in order to defeat them in the end.

Just like the Ukranians are doing now, and for the same reasons.

People cannot imagine a world without a world power like Russia was between 1947 and 1977.

And because he does not want to imagine the new world he will prefer to be pessimistic and say that “it is the end of the world”.

No. It’s not the end of the world. It is the end of an old world and the birth of a new one.

To the extent that someone decides to remain clinging to their beliefs and prefers to disqualify and reject the future instead of understanding and entering that future, it can be defined how pessimistic they are.

Being pessimistic does not depend on reality but on how reality is interpreted.

The nerve of pessimism, its true source, is foolishness.

The pessimist will argue that China is there, that it is going to support Russia, that the support is coming…

This saying is the leap into the absurd of the pessimist. You can read the news and consult the data, you can consult the declarations of the Chinese government, and you can see the figures of shipments of weapons or Chinese soldiers to Russia… The reality indicates that China does not support Russia.

At that moment the pessimist is moving into the field of hallucination. The facts indicate that China does not support Russia. The Iranian drones that that government has sold to the Russian army are pointed out. But there are no drones or tanks or missiles or planes or Chinese soldiers supporting Russia. The pessimistic hallucination takes the place of thought because the pessimist prefers to hallucinate to see the new world. Every time he comments on the news, the pessimist expresses that here it comes, that Chinese support is already visible… As if looking at a horizon that is nothing but a painted wall.