Alberto Benitez
2 min readMar 1, 2018

Star Wars is both literature and History. It is literature because it is an imaginary story that seeks to provoke and then move and manipulate emotions so that the spectator experiences some relief, such as the one experienced after suffering a significant emotional trance. This experience is not everyday, even if it is normal. Literature makes it available to us. Provide us the possibility to have this experience at their discretion.

Star Wars is History because its creator uses many documented and real political and social events of the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. Of the twentieth century use World War II. Of the nineteenth century picks up samurai, cowboys and indigenous or native peoples. All these elements are material with which G. Lucas illustrates, environment, gives content and composes his universe. Many characteristics of these events in History ended up defining the story of Star Wars without the intention of the author, without the author posing it when he began to imagine his fairy tale. This happened because these historical facts are well known, has a profile, characteristics, contained very strong in themselves and therefore unavoidable. What happens in the fairy tale of SW is determined by what happened in History, what happened in and what these different elements were: cowboys, samurai, WWII etc. They helped the author to give depth to his characters and his story. Historical depth.

Star Wars is not science fiction but it uses robots and space travel at its discretion to define the great scenery of its universe.

There are no extraterrestrials in Star Wars. Contact with non-terrestrial life forms, including non-carbon- based chemistry, is one of the most important problems in Science Fiction. In the CF the shock, the fear, the illusion, the absolute confusion of this type of contacts is explored. This problem never happens in Star Wars: all the spices together without surprise or alarm. The human understands the language of Wookie as a Chinese understands French. They all use the same currency; they all do politics in the same way: they allied or waged war as the French and the Chinese would. There are no extraterrestrials: there are nationalities, as are in History. SW is not CF

If these elements and their plot are unveiled the experience offered by SW and why it delights us will be clearer.