No tricks

Alberto Benitez
3 min readNov 12, 2019

-That only are special effects

- For true, mom?

- Yes. Nobody can do that, nobody really.

The game was exciting. Sparkly.

From his seat he imitated the rhythm of each play. Once, he guessed where the player was going to run. Then he was much more excited.

- But where are the screens, mom?

- They have to be there. What happens is that this stadium is very large.

There was no screen in the stadium.

- Look how high it jumps! How does do that, mom?

- Do not get excited: everything is tricks.

Tricks? But where were the screens, or the machines? The players were empty handed. All of them. He looked around the stadium again. Ah! How nice it would be to be able to run as fast as the look moves! There would be a runner who be so swift as the eyes?

The play restart. The runner flew over those who fell. They did not catch him. Until another, like a hawk, ascended and attacked.

But, if it really was nothing but tricks?

- No. I think they are the mom players.

Nobody answered.

- What?

- I think they are for true the players, mom.

- Ah …

The game finish.

As always, they allowed him to go running. It was full of children. There were always many, many children after the game. Not everyone had entered at the stadium, but everyone played outside it. The lights went out and the doors closed. No one wanted to leave.

Without his mother, he could freely play. Run with others. Look without fear. Dodging and at the same time looking to catch the eyes of the other. Challenging. Inviting. If they held their look, it all be started. They said his name and boasted. Boast is a good way to start playing.

- I can more than you!

- No, I can more, more!

Life began.

One boasted how far he could jump. They immediately made a competition. Finally the smallest was the judge and pointed to the winner.

Then another boasted how fast he could run. “More than all, more than all!”

- I play!

Could I now, could I now run as fast as my eyes?

He lined up. The smallest boy of all was the judge. Slowly, whit poise, she crossed the line watching that nobody touched it. Without shyness rebuked one. He pushed it back.

The starting line was perfect.

To nine, ten positions, he saw another runner.

He couldn’t believe it. That’s not real. He left the mark.

- To their places, to their places all of you!

- Can he run like this?

- Like what? If he can, he can. In their marks! Ready! Gooooo!

The judge bawl giving the exit voice. They all flew. They reached the goal. There was a triple tie, so they ran again.

The day ended.

- Mom, do you know what I saw?

- Did you lose?

- A boy ran without tennis. In bare feets. He did it.

- And what? Surely he is used to.

- Yes. But that was not a trick, mom.