Alberto Benitez
3 min readDec 7, 2018


México is going to fail like Japan

Today the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is commemorated. For this attack Japan was later hit with two atomic bombs.

The Japanese leaders led their country to failure consciously and deliberately. They knew very clearly that they could not win a war against the United States. His most intelligent soldier, Yamamoto, told them clearly.

Still they attacked. Because they were burning. Because they wanted to punish the whites in Asia. Because they felt offended by his presence. Because together with this spirit they suffered the absurd belief that a country must have colonies to be a great country.

Yamamoto, the same one who knew they could not beat the US, proposed the plan to attack them.

Before, they took all the power. They resorted to murder to gradually eliminate the opposition. As their war and colonization projects needed industry, they were allied with entrepreneurs.

They hit first, and strong enemies: Pearl Harbor. But they did not do it again. Instead they suffered two atomic bombs.

The cancellation of the airport in Texcoco by the new president López Obrador is somewhat similar. It is an absurd decision: it is not explained rationally. Simply because it is much, much more expensive to cancel it than to finish doing it. Investors do not care if it is done or not, but if it is not done they simply claim their money.

That is to say: instead of finishing the work, Obrador prefers to create a huge debt.

It seems he does not think he is President. It seems that in the morning he wakes up and does not believe he is the President. So you need to execute spectacular actions to reaffirm yourself.

He orders the cancellation of the airport, to tell Mexican and foreign financiers that “he is the one in charge”. But then he must go on a national chain to say that it will guarantee the debt that caused your action!

The purchasers of the bonds do not accept the loss of the 10 cents proposed by the team of the Undersecretary of Finance, Arturo Herrera. At least they claim 100 percent of the paper value. And also an additional prize to waive the terms of the original contract, this last fundamental so that you can proceed to the formal cancellation of the NAIM without triggering the demands (I take the information from the note “NAIM risks first sovereign placement”, newspapper Financiero, 07 12 18).

Moreover, from the same source: IT SEEMS THAT THE agreement of La Alcachofa, the one that Andrés Manuel López Obrador had on November 8 at a Polanco restaurant with the main contractors of the NAIM, was tooth and nail. Do not comment much, but the construction companies that participated are exchanging comments on the request made a few days ago by Gerardo Ferrando. It turns out that the new director of Grupo Aeroportuario CDMX called them, one by one, to ask them for a letter of voluntary resignation to continue with their respective jobs. Of course, none of them were willing to hand over an authentic blank check. Nothing more to remind the main companies: Carso by Carlos Slim, ICA by financier David Martínez, Hermes by Carlos Hank González, Prodemex by Olegario Vázquez Aldir , GIA + A by Hipólito Gerard and Coconal by Héctor Ovalle, by the main Mexicans. The route to close the Texcoco megaproject is proving extremely complicated for the new government. First the bondholders and now the builders, which were supposed to be the easiest to persuade.

Japan has always been attractive to Mexicans. It is a country with a great cultural resonance for us.

Below I leave you a link to understand how Japan failed on its way to progress. In our hands is to progress, or fail like the Japanese on December 7, 1941.