In the mood for read? 2

Alberto Benitez
2 min readApr 6, 2020


How are you?

Yesterday I assumed you were bored.

Today I will assume that you are worried. Even, a little, scared.

Can reading take away your fear? Could read perhaps cure your fear?

Reading gives encouragement. Reading turns on intelligence. Star me up intelligence.

“Anima” means “breath.” The image is very, very old. You remember how it is said that God “blew” into the mud so that he would be infected with the life that divinity has. To be alive is to have air. Breath.

Reading encourages us.


Read these poems by Miguel Hernández, a Spanish poet who lived during the civil war, the years of the Second World War. As you can imagine, very, very hard years.

Read them.


Take me, take me.

Leave me, leave me.

Beasts, men, shadows.

Suns, flowers, seas.

Take me

Leave me.

(from Songbook and Romance of Absences)


Like the bull I was born to mourning

and the pain, like the bull I am marked

by a hellish iron in the side

and by male in the groin as a fruit.

As the bull, finds it tiny

all my excessive heart,

and the face of the kiss in love,

Like the bull to your love I dispute it.

Like the bull I grow up in punishment,

my tongue is in my heart

and I wear a loud gale around my neck.

As the bull I follow you and I chase you,

And leave my wish on a sword

like the mocked bull, like the bull.

(from The ray that does not stop)

How do you feel?