Bikini football: the players (2)

Alberto Benitez
3 min readJul 11, 2019

Bikini Football is an activity like many other activities and sports among women can choose. The menu of activities for leisure is wide and grows every day.

It would be very easy to abandon the bikini football and start practicing one of many other disciplines.

For example, the traditional and normal and omnipresent football. In this moment the feminine soccer happens through a very good moment. There is already an official league in Mexico and the women FIFA tournement in France attracted much international audience. Even caused a small scandal in the United States (selection that won) as the captain said that for no reason was going to visit Donald Trump in the White House. That attracted even more the spotlight on the championship.

Can bikini football last? Is it a valuable option? More or less valuable than all the others?

It is opportune to ask if the players would leave bikini football.

It is important to know if it ‘s just interesting or scandalous, or if is something else.

54 players were asked if they would leave the activity, and they were given several options:

The survey offers causes and reasons for leaving bikini football.

A cause and a reason are two different things.

The first 3 options (lack of time, move of house, health) are causes. The other 3 are reasons.

A “ cause “ is a circumstance, an event, something that appears in the horizon that we do not control and that modifies our actions. You do not drink a latte because you do not have milk at the refrigerator, and there is not in the supermarket.

A “reason” is a decision you make to reach a certain goal. You decide not to drink coffee with milk because you are on a diet.

We do or stop doing activities for reasons as well as for reasons.

The causes do not depend on us. The reasons are steps towards the nature that we want to give us.

The options in the survey mix causes and reasons. There are causes (health, change of address) and reasons (a relationship work).

31% declare that they would leave them for lack of time.

16% would stop playing bikini football due to health reasons.

The players do not want to leave the activity. They think only in causes, in events that they do not can control to abandon the bikini football. But they have no reason to do so. They want thet sport, that discipline to be part of their character.

The majority, 42%, declare that they would not abandon the activity.

Only some thought of a reason to abandon bikini football: work.

More data is needed, but in this first approach it can be said that bikini football has a future. The players think that the activity is part of the nature that they want to have, not just a novel or trendy activity.